What Will Be in 2006?

Jørn Baltzersen gir der sine forutsigelser for det kommende året – 2006 på LewRockwell.com.
Baltzersen er redaksjonsmedlem i Farmann.

Noen smakebiter:

We stand now before a new year, and what will happen? Here are some very good tips:

* Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu will continue to spin in his grave over the reduction of his theory on limited power to the mere formal separation of powers between entities that derive their powers from the same source, especially a universal suffrage based electorate.
* Russell Kirk will continue to spin in his grave over what passes as conservatism nowadays.
* The centenary of the passing of the great Dr. Henrik Johan Ibsen will pass without many converting from “what the majority wills is right” to Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People concept “the minority is always in the right.”

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