Satire: Ben Bernanke, denne må du se

Studenter på Columbia Business School har laget en parodivideo på Every Breath You Take med Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke som hovedperson.

Fantastisk festlig – must see:

Video glossary:

BPS or “bips” refers to a basis point: a hundredth of a percentage point of the yield or the interest rate.

The lyric, “CBS is great,” doesn’t refer to the TV network. It refers to the Columbia Business School, where Glenn Hubbard is dean. The video is attributed to Dean Hubbard, who was formerly Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, and who was on the short list to become the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System. The inside joke is that Hubbard is supposedly bewailing his missed opportunity. The student doing the lip-synching even looks like Dean Hubbard. The outside joke is that Bernanke is a schnook. At one poont, “Dean Hubbard” holds up Bernanke’s textbook on macroeconomics and moves his lips inaudibly.

Dean/Rektor of the Columbia Business School – Glenn Hubbard

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