Confidence Gone! – New York Could Crash Today

Confidence is gone, evaporated.

New York may very well crash today even.
Tonight most of Asia has recovered, 2-5-7% Hong Kong up 10%!

But, Malaysia and Taiwan has fallen by 3.84% and 2.29%.
This is actually panic selling compared to the 2-7% they “should have otherwise” gone up.

Europe turned red after 1 hour up.

This tells me that there is panic out there.
And, that markets are either taken by the panic or not.
Remember this is mass psychology, it feeds on itself.
You either have panic, or you don’t.
It’ like being pregnant.

New York could be hit, and taken by panic today and fall by 5-10%.
Or it can coast along, down 1%.

The markets will not factor in panic.
Buying into European put options and holding them 2-3 hours over New Yorks open is interesting.

Braze yourselves.

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