Waiting for panic to set in

Patience, dear readers, patience.
Stay put in put.
Panic will eventually set in, sooner than most think.
Put for April or January 09. And you’ll see.
Yes, we’re taking a hit on the current boom, see through that.
Do as I, keep looking for interesting put contracts.
During yesterdays boom I picked up some bank puts that mature Feb 2010, yes 2010. Someone was practically giving them away. 33% down, and I am in the money, 38% and it’s profitable. Feb 2010 is 25 months from now, whoever sold me that contract has no idea whats coming. They can be sold on a panic day in May for thrice that. This only goes to show that the market has no idea what’s coming, no idea. You can still get out by selling, and get out again by shorting.

The markets are baffled, mezmarized by the last shot in the arm.
Hurrayh, halleluja, our savior has come, let his name be known! Ben Bernanke! Let the news be heard throughout the land, buy my dear fellow man, buy buy.
Bernanke is a one trick phony.
Whats your next move Ben? When panic DOES hit?
Are you going to lower by a full percent next time, why not two while you’re at it?
See, you’re down to 3.5%.
There isn’t much more to give.
You have 2.5% to give down to the 1% mark.
That will kill the dollar this time.
The Chinese, the Indians, the Russians, The Norwegians for that matter.
Holding dollars, no way! Sell now.
This thing is much bigger than you Ben.
This thing is bigger than any of us.
And it’s coming tumbling down.
Get out, get out.

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