What Good News Could Possibly Come Now?

We are amazed that someone somewhere out there is still calling in buy orders.
What good news could they possibly be hoping for to see a further rally?

An interest rate cut? – Ben cant come out again already now, that’s a clear sign of panic.
Sovereign Wealth buying? – They would be stupid to go for the kill buys now, the fire sale is just getting started.
Good 4th quarter results? – They will all need to warn about possible problems ahead.
Another initiative by the pathetic Bush administration? – Come on, where to get the money George? Print it?
A clean sweep by Romney? – As if that will help.
A deal to clean up the bond insurers. – Money cant be created by printing.
Microsoft upping the Yahoo bid. – They will wait.
Another takeover. – They will wait, Yahoo is a special case due to Google.

We can on the other hand see a whole deluge of possible bad news:
- If I was Al Qaeda I would strike today, a sniper that takes out 2-3 voters in line anywhere in the US would be enough to throw the entire country into chaos today.
- More losses in the financial sector.
- Broad downgrading of bonds.
- Dire outlooks from firms.
- Yahoo turning down Microsoft.
Wait and see.

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