Market comments: One month down, wait another year

We are about one month into this recession. One month, just you wait until a year has passed or two.
This might even be “the big one” depression when the entire fiat money system collapses, in a 2-3-10 year scenario.
It may not, and we hope not, but this could be the big one.
People still have their profits so fresh in mind that they believe this is but a dip, are they in for a surprise.

And the fools think the worst is over.

Norway in particular in bound for a serious hit. Oil could easily go down to USD 50 as the world cools and speculation weans off. On top of that the general sell off.
REC went to the cellar yesterday as we have predicted, that is a house of cards and will fall much further dragging Orkla with it.

We watched in disbelief yesterdays as the Nasdaq was up more than a percent. We are confident in our bearish view and can not for the sake of God see why anyone would start buying now, but someone did. The bears however got the better o f them as the bad news machine got going. Down 1.33% for the day. Mind you, thats down 2.5% in 4 hours, on top of the 3+% yesterday (excluding the dead cat bounce of 1%). This is getting increasingly dramatic.
We are back to where we where before the FED started their countermeasures.
Panic selling will set in at any time, trade for that, at any time.
We could see a 5-10% fall at any time, it takes nothing for that to set in now.

The FED will counteract, we spend time these days trying to figure out the FED. They will lower rates to 1% during this recession, especially if it becomes a depression. But how will that play put? The safe strategy is to buy sells with so long maturity that an occasional 25 or 50 point drop becomes but a dent in the road.

The bad news have just gotten started very carefully, the bad news machine will now gain increasing momentum as the bad news feeds on itself.

I forecasted all this in November.

This is what I said:
Sometime in 2009/2010 most bad news is known. The new President has started “doing something.” That is when things might level off.

In the meantime liquidity will be scarce; blown up asset prices will deflate across the board; houses, shares, oil, art, silver and gold. Sell your capital assets now, sit put on diversified currency cash and bonds until the implosion has levelled off before re-entry.

Sell sell sell

Here on Farmann I recommended shorting the market, I still do.

Very few listened then. Very few listen now.
The media ignores bears like me, they prefer to talk to the establishment boneheads that are vested in the system.

Those who listened in November and December are way ahead.

What amuses us is that as the markets fall more and more boneheads in the established firms and order go out and claim to having been bearish for months.

Always ask for proof? Where did you say so? Where did you say to sell and not buy? When?
What is the url?

If I may ask one thing of you dear reader it would be to take careful note and remember that this,, is where you read it first. And please do tell all your friends to read Thanks!

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