Sell Sell Sell

We have told you to sell since November 2007.
The markets are heading south, even from here, big time south.
The strength in the uptick from the FED rate cuts are way gone.
The FED will cut to 1% eventually.
The market is heading down.
If you have followed my advice and shorted the market, or bought put options you are way way way ahead of the game. Stay put.
If you have not yet sold, SELL NOW, regardless of the losses – GET OUT!

Stay put in diversified cash. Keep some gold, 10-20%.

Stay in cash and wait – patience – until I tell you to reenter and what to reenter into.
It will be 6-12-18-24 months before I will tell you to reenter.
You will not make any money from interest in the meantime – accept that.
You will need to be patient.

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  1. Posted 24 July, 2008 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

    I agree with many of your assesments, but why stay in cash when the fiat currencies are all inflating? Not that I have much to spare but the little I have go to buying physical posession of gold and silver. Heck, if I had a million dollars I would take leave of work and buy up gold and silver and hold it for myself and not in a bank vault. I think we are in line for some serious times and this is not the time to trust authorities or financial institutions.