Political Correctness

Sept 1. Hans Lysglimt
The United States is a straitjacket of political correctness. In ordinary social life this might be just fine. Just part of the American concept of being “nice”. Closely related to a authoritatively Christian absolute dictonomy of right or wrong, heaven or hell, for or against, black or white, friend or enemy, war or peace, engaged or not, married or divorced, working full time or fully retired. Americans can not seem to have two ideas in their heads at one time, to be fine with a situation not beeing clearly one or the other. Living under this dictonony is a huge part of the problem with our much beloved America, and thus must somehow be part of a solution. More than ever Americans should read the Tao. All this is interconnected.

Yet when it comes to seriously affecting policy political correctness can not be used as excuse.
The Republicans are now using hurricane Gustav as a means to wrench control within the party. Official spokesmen for the GOP has gone on TV saying “in this crisis we will not do anything deemed as inappropriate”. “INAPPROPRIATE” was the word! Beeing “appropriate” becomes more important than the effective carrying out of essential democratic institutions. The Republican Convention will now be scaled back and McCain nominated by acclamation in a rudimentary fashion. Any sign of dissent, public critisism of the war in Iraq and Afganistan, questions about the economy, questions about Sarah Palin and nominations of Ron Paul from the floor is effectively twarted. How convenient.
As it turns out the Sarah Palin has been lying about her 4 month old daughter, it is not her dauther but actually her granddauther birthed by her 16 year old dauther. Sarah Palin has been covering up for her daughter. How convenient for the Republicans to stop the media blaze by pointing to Gustav.

It is becoming more and more evident by the day that the suposedly democratic institutions of the US society, like the party conventions, are mere scams, and that the entire process is rigged, taken over by the political class.

We would not be surprised if McCain comes out with a total power grab “War On Weather” with the aim to “end violent weather once and for all”. That would be something.

Intrade allows you to short Sarah Palin for 98.1%. That is a 1.9% expected loss. We reccomend that bet right now. You can also buy Mitt Romney long for 1.3%. Do a bit of both, for fun.

Fortunately Ron Pauls Rally For The Republic is going ahead as planned. They do not give in to the political correctness, thank you! We wish them the best of luck, they will get more media exposure as the GOP convention is scaled back. Fortune favours the bold!

This week is full of numbers coming out, prepare for a rocky ride. Last friday another bank went belly up. Fridays will be interesting in the year to come as this is when bank faliures are announced. Remember to keep your put options over the weekends.

Oslo, Norway. Sept 1. 2008 Hans Lysglimt

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