Business Idea For Norway: Online Sign Shop

Signs, regular ordinary signs like street signs, parking signs and instruction signs are in high demand.
They should be high quality, in reflective material etc.
In Norway there are a number of providers, but they are all very expensive.
Regular signs cost in the order or NOK 700-1500+ or USD 120-250+.

These signs can be made in China for a small fraction of this cost.
The signs are quite standard “Stop”, “No Smoking” etc.
Quality should be the same as in Norway.

Find and make an agreement with a sign factory in China to copy the entire inventory of an online sign shop in Norway. Then set up a online store for signs and ship them directly from China.

Most of the standardized road signs are even available by Vegvesen online for free in high resolution format.

It is an obvious business idea for the right person.

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