Relax more – and be profitable

Yesterday I happened to see one of those TV shows where a couple is starting a new restaurant. You get to follow their planning, setup and launch. Then they visit later to see about the success.

Inevitably these projects seem to cost way to much money. It seems there is a mental block in people that everything has to be so nice, styled, polished. It seems keeping up an appearance is deemed as critical to the success of the enterprise. So the couples max out the credit cards to buy the most expensive new furniture, leather coaches, professional sign making, printing menus etc. All at great cost.

This restaurant had so much invested into it, I can hardly believe they could possibly make a profit ever.

My question is, why this compulsive buying to be perceived as stylish?
Who are they trying to be?
Who are they trying to impress?

It was said that statistically 80% av all new restaurants go bankrupt within two years. I believe they are right.
If you are contemplating a new venture, like this restaurant or whatever else. I suggest a totally different approach.

Do not care so much about keeping up some kind of appearance of poshnes and “style”. This is fake and fluke anyway. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, is just regular people. No one is different. We are all made of soft tissue, we are born helpless and we will all soon die and be buried. We all have family, we all peed in our pants as children. There is no escaping.

I suggest you go the complete other way when it comes to styling. Style it cozy with your own home-style instead. Make it cosy as if home, and on a budget. Remember when you where a student and had to furnish your first room. You did not go out and buy everything brand new, you borrowed, got stuff second hand, picked a cool lamp off a dumpster etc, all on the cheap. And then it was yours, cozy and nice. Your own place, and you loved it, your friends loved it. It became you, and you became it. It was the best time of your life.

Do the same with your restaurant business.
If you start a restaurant I would aim for minimum cost.
Do it the Swedish “fika” style, with mixed furniture.
Buy second hand, send out an email request to friends and request donations of used furniture etc.

Swedish cafe fik style like this:

- Observe the second hand sofa.
- Observe the second hand coffee table.
- Observe the mixed cups, mugs and glasses on the table.
You can get this for free at flee markets, who not?
- Observe the mixing of styles.
- Observe the randomness of the furniture placement.
- Observe the cheapest chairs from IKEA there are.
- Observe the “help yourself to office” table.
- Observe the almost free cork board on the wall.

All this, and yet this place is 10 times more inviting than the posh restaurant I saw yesterday to the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

If you offer yourself up as a real person, and do it genuinely this will come through as real, close and human.

And this is what everyone wants today, something real.

So instead of invest yourself to sure bankruptcy. Keep cost absolutely minimum.
Furish for free. Buy the kitchen appliances etc used where you can get good used stuff cheap.
Buy only new the few things that are absolutely needed as new to keep it clean and nice.
Focus on the quality of the food.

Speak to the owner of the property and tell him this is what you will do.
Show yourself as a human being, and ask for a good deal.
Ask for the first 3 months free rent, so you can get a good start.
You can only get a “no”.

This may not work for everyone, but you should consider this approach.
I believe this approach would have worked for the restaurant I saw.
Considering this will cost you a fraction of the money to get started,
your enterprise might very well also become profitable.

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