Too Much – Just Too Much

There are way way to many people doing unproductive “work”.
There will not be a true solution to the current problems unless they are put to real value production.
Theese people will have to first get fired, then go through a transition, then be employed into something productive. This is going to be extremely painfull, for them and for everyone.

Way to many people doing:
Real estate
Real estate broking
Credit card companies
Public programs
Public bureacracy
Corporate bureacracy
The military
And a myriad other things.

There are way to few people making smart good stuff.
There are way to few people helping people cope with the misery in their lives.

The whole system is built on finance and fiat money – false promises and people doing nothing or unproductive work.
People believing that just because they have a number in an account in a bank – they, have savings and are safe.
Theese numbers in the bank is not “value” – it is just numbers in a bank. They do not represent true value that will ever be used to buy something and consumed. They are just numbers.

Don’t belive me?
Want a number?
I’ll give you a number, ten million right here: 10 000 000 – happy now?
Cut it out and paste it into your bank statement, does it make any difference?

We have to get back to out great grandfathers time, the 19th centruy, when value was real.
When people actually made something usefull for each other.
This is going to be very very painfull.

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