Stay out – stay out

We will be honest, as always, and say; we do not know right now.
There is a rally, but we think it is phony.

However it could go on for some time, there is still a lot of false leverage out there in various parts of the financial system. Leverage that can be put into the market in a bounce back.
After the 1929 crack there was a tremendous boom back to the old heights. This could be similar.

The thing is that you should only be in the market when the odds are clearly in your favor. This bounce boom is fundamentally without direction, we are on our way down, but in a bounce, there is no way to tell how far up the bounce will go. The odds are clearly not in your favor, so it is better to stay out.

We strongly advice to not jump on this bandwagon, stay out.
We will see new lows, this is not the end of it.
You might be tempted to get in, don’t. Instead you should sell whatever you have left.
Stay out.

Hans Lysglimt

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