Request For Assistance In Viral Marketing Of

Dear fellow friends of Liberty, fellow Ron Paul supporters,

FYI, and request for assistance in viral marketing of
Consider posting this request for assistance on your blog or website.

Announcing a powerful initiative to gain an upper hand on the current biased unfair mainstream TV media. Please be informed of my intention to build a major independent TV viewers community on will host online viewer forums and live chat rooms for all major TV shows. The site now hosts forums for a good dozen shows. Users can also just click to watch hundreds of regular online TV channels in the online TV directory.

TV and internet are converging; people will watch TV on their computers and on connected TV’s. Social viewer’s forums and live chat rooms is the natural extension of watching TV online. will be that viewer’s forum and chat room. must be independent, not politically affiliated. However, going forward it will give equal and fair exposure to legitimate political candidates in upcoming elections.

I believe my 15+ active years in the libertarian movement, active involvement in the Ron Paul campaign, 100+ Ron Paul campaign videos and daily writings on my site bails for me having my heart in the right place here.

Please just be informed about this effort as a fellow friend of Liberty.

Secondly, in knowing that fortune favors the bold I ask for your assistance in launching and marketing;

- Make this request letter go viral on your website;
Copy and re post this entire request letter on your website or blog.
- Set up legitimate ingoing links to from any blog, website or forum.
- Forward of this email or the message in this email to other friends of Liberty.
- Mention anywhere online or in print.
- Creative marketing efforts and suggestions appreciated.

Thank you.

Hans J. Lysglimt
hans at


Link to YouTube video commercial for

Link to TVAlly request for assistance reach out video on YouTube: forum on

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