Farmann Development

We have been working on the Farmann website.
We will focus on, this is where the content will be.
We were going to use in combination with, but are landing more and more on the advantages of using mainly.

We will use a combination of WordPress (this page here for publishing) and vBulletin (forum software).
We are still working on the best way to separate the Norwegian language material from the English language material, so English readers do not have to get Norwegian language stories in their RSS feeds etc. Suggestions appreciated.

We will turn off commenting here in Wordpess and will link directly to the forum.
We have now set it up so that every new post on is automatically set up as a new thread in the forum. This thread is where we will comment and develop the new stories on the front page.
I really appreciate that all new stories now are getting a commenting thread to them – great!

We have set up two new forums under forums with feeds from the two main financial news organizations in Norway and Hegnar. We can then comment on these stories as they develop. This is an experiment to see if this adds value.

We have set up a live chatbox in Farmann forum, we want to get this going as a constant dialogue.

We have cleaned up the registration process for Farmann forum. We had a spam problem there that is now fixed. Our apology to anyone who has had problems signing up.

We will use the Farmann forum as the entire hub database system for managing all Farmann subscribers, even the print edition when it arrives. We will import all Farmann subscribers from other sources into the Farmann forum software. This will take some time.

We will insist that Farmann forum subscribers input their postal address so we can send the first issue of Farmann to them.

We have set up a premium content section on Farmann forum vBulletin system that will be for paying Farmann subscribers. This is the way we will commercialize the project and handle payments eventually.

Farmann Forum is for readers particularly interested in economics, investing and business.
We have also set up as a much broader forum for mainly US based TV viewers. These are two distinct services with only limited overlapping. We aim to build to become a large broad forum in entertainment style, Farmann forum will always be more narrow and focused on economics. There will be some cross linking, yet if you are interested in serious discussions of economics your should stay here on Farmann forum.

We are constantly looking for ways to add value to our subscribers, ideas appreciated.

Feedback on these changes appreciated.

By: Hans Lysglimt

Comment on this story on the identical title thread in Farmann forum.

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