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Gates: We're entering 'live era' of software

SAN FRANCISCO--Kicking off what he called the "live era" of software, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said on Tuesday that the company plans to launch new Internet-based complements to its core products.

Gates said Microsoft is working on two products, "Windows Live" and "Office Live," that create opportunities for the company to sell online subscriptions and advertising. Both are targeted at smaller businesses and consumers.

The products won't replace the company's ubiquitous operating system or productivity suite, and people don't need to have that software loaded to tap into the Web versions. "They are not required to use Windows or Office," Gates said at a press event here. (News.com)

Les i artikkelen:
"Google is doing an amazing job of making that ad engine click on all eight cylinders." Ozzie said.
But he said that the industry has barely scratched the surface, pointing out that the market for online advertising could grow from $15 billion now to $150 billion by 2015.

Farmann kommentar: Online annonsering er i ekstrem vekst internasjonalt. I Norge har selskaper som Opera Software nå en betydelig del av sin omsettning fra annonsering. Det er ingenting i veien for at norske selskaper kan ta en del av denne kaken. Likevel ser vi at de store husene som Schibsted og Aller har en nasjonal strategi i sine satsninger. De satser på hjemmemarkedet Norge og i land for land ute. Internet er globalt - vi ønsker å se flere som satser bredt.

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