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Hvordan skal Tyskland komme seg?

Carl MengerRobert Formaini, seniorøkonom ved den amerikanske sentralbanks kontor i Dallas, mener Tyskland må velge Carl Menger over Gustav von Schmöller. Carl Menger ansees som far til den økonomiske skole som går under navnet den østerrikske skole. Gustav von Schmöller forbindes med den ”unge” tyske historiske skole – en skole Formaini gir ansvaret for den økonomiske modell som har vært gjeldende mesteparten av de siste 125 år i Tyskland. Det store unntaket er Ludwig Erhards økonomiske politikk.

Formaini avslutter med:

Germany's economy won't revive without major changes. It's time for Germany to reinvent itself and create a second economic miracle using a blueprint from its own past. It should turn from Schmöller toward Menger. The same prescription that changed the economic realities of 1948 can effectively change those of 2005. It should include:
  1. Slashing red tape to encourage entrepreneurial activity;
  2. Reducing the overall tax burden on the economy;
  3. Liberalizing labor markets by ending wage controls and allowing the free movement of workers and the forging of new work contracts;
  4. Reducing the percentage of government expenditure providing incentives for people to remain idle;
  5. Deregulating and privatizing everywhere.
Germany's choice is clear. Stick with the Schmöller model and accept stagnation, or reap the rewards of giving Erhardt's ideas another shot. Can Germany muster the political will to change? It hasn't in the recent past, except in the dire straits of defeat in World War II. It's time again.

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