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Lunarstorm - community fenomen

STOCKHOLM Assembled in one place, the 1.2 million active members of Lunarstorm could be the largest city in Sweden, bigger even than Stockholm.

More than 10 percent of Sweden's population is a member of the community, including more than 90 percent of the country's high school students.

But what is it? Lunarstorm is an Internet service that lets members create personal pages, upload photographs and add entries to their online diaries. The average member visits the site two times a day for a total of 25 minutes. (IHT.com)

"We are moving from the information society to the interaction society, and Lunarstorm is leading the trend," said Ola Ahlvarsson, chairman of Result, a Stockholm-based technology consulting company. "Young people here no longer accept a flow of information from above. They trust what they hear from friends on their network."

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