Skatteparadisene holder stand

Dette rapporterer The Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

Den Virginia-baserte proskattekonkurransetankesmien sier i en pressemelding:

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s “harmful tax competition” project suffered another setback this week as low-tax jurisdictions refused to acquiesce to the Paris-based bureaucracy at a November 15-16 Global Forum in Melbourne, Australia. The OECD had hoped that so-called tax havens would agree to emasculate their attractive policies in order to help high-tax nations stop the flow of jobs and capital to low-tax nations.

Tankesmiens president er fornøyd med utfallet i Melbourne. Han sier:

I am delighted that the Global Forum was a flop. The OECD’s campaign to prop up the punitive tax systems of Europe’s welfare states is based on bad tax policy and is contrary to global economic growth. Moreover, stripping away the diplomatic niceties, the final report after the Forum shows that the OECD is no closer to its goal than it was five years ago when the Center for Freedom and Prosperity was created.

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