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Alice in the Wonderland of the Federal Reserve

Alice: "Tsar Bernanke, I've been perplexed for years by the fact that almost everything I buy costs more and more, but your official Consumer Price Index kept reporting almost no inflation until this September. How can that be?"

Tsar Bernanke: "Ah, Alice, I can see you have a lot to learn about the hard facts of life in our Wonderland. But the answer to that is simple! You are not the consumer we had in mind when we made up that imaginary index! In fact, few real consumers are the people we imagined when we dreamed it up. You see, we made it up years ago and simply don't change it to really keep up with what you are buying. For example, you're paying lots of money, whole baskets full, for college tuition, fees, tutors, new computers, software, and lots of other things people didn't use to buy as necessities in education. The same is true with food and everything else. You buy new things and we pretend that isn't happening, that you're still paying for things people used to pay for. That makes life easier for us and no one seems to mind, so why hassle us about it?" (LewRockwell.com)

Farmann kommentar: Federal Reserve og Norges Bank trykker penger som aldri før. Pengemengdeveksten fra både Fed og Norges Bank er basert på helt urimelige kriterier om hva som er inflasjon og hvordan denne måles. Farmann har kommentert og advart mot dette igjen og igjen. Veksten i pengemengden er en tikkende bombe som kan gå av når som helst. Sjelden har vi sett det satt så artig på spissen som i denne artikkelen av Jack. D. Douglas.

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