The Economist Intelligence Unit Country Briefing – Norway

The Economist Intelligence Unit har sin nye Country Briefing for Norge ute denne uken.

Fra rapporten:
The centre-left government presented a revised budget proposal on November 10th. More public spending will be directed to health and education over the next two years and to a programme of employment creation in the public sector, which entails an expansionary fiscal policy. Economic growth is buoyant, and the Economist Intelligence Unit estimates that real GDP grew by 2.8% in 2005. GDP growth is expected to slow slightly to 2.6% in 2006, when we expect to see higher interest rates. A deceleration in investment growth will lead to lower growth of 1.9% in 2007. High oil prices are boosting the trade and current-account surpluses, with the current-account surplus expected to reach around 16.5% of GDP in 2005-06, before narrowing slightly in 2007.

Hele rapporten koster USD 540 men The Economist publiserer et sammendrag på sine sider.

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