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Demokratiet treffer veggen

Michael Goodwin skriver:

If ever there was a moment when the basest elements of human nature crushed idealism, it happened last week. The election of Hamas, a vile gang of killers, didn't just upset the fragile status quo among Israelis and Palestinians. It threw into doubt the American idea that democracy is the antidote to terrorism.

M. Goodwin avslutter med:

Hamas gives every indication it is a pure instrument of Islamic terror, albeit one with an electoral mandate. If it remains so, we will have to rewrite the laws of history, starting with Winston Churchill's 1947 line that "Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried."
Consider that lofty thought null and void.

Les kommentaren hos New York Daily News.

At Churchill her som så ofte ellers blir sitert ute av kontekst, samt at dette Churchill-sitatet i utgangspunktet er en tvilsom historisk lov, er en annen sak.

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