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The American War for Independence: A Mistake That Became A Religion

Joseph A. Crisp II skriver om den amerikanske uavhengighetskrigen fra et lojalistståsted:

The American War for Independence, better known as the American Revolution, was the first, one of the longest and certainly the most important conflict ever fought by the modern United States. It brought a new country onto the world stage that was to have an enormous impact on world history, it also ultimately spurred on other revolutions around the world, with leaders imitating the American Founding Fathers from nations as far flung as France and Vietnam. It also divided the English-speaking world from one united empire into two separate world powers, a fact which was also to have a huge impact on peoples and nations all across the globe.

Vi deler ikke nødvendigvis artikkelforfatterens alle synspunkter, noe som forøvrig gjelder alle anbefalte artikler. Vi finner dog artikkelen uansett leseverdig.

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