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Valg Italia

9. og 10. april avholder Italia valg til Deputertkammeret og Senatet. Da skal det avgjøres om Silvio Berlusconi fortsetter som statsminister eller om tidligere statsminister og tidligere president EU-kommisjonen Romano Prodi overtar.

House of Freedom

Forza Italia Personality-driven party led by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Alleanza Nazionale, AN Conservative party led by Minister for Foreign Affairs and former vice-premier Gianfranco Fini.

UDC Moderate Catholic centrist party, officially led by Lorenzo Cesa; however its main member is Pierferdinando Casini, the current Speaker of the Lower House.

Lega Nord-Movimento per l'Autonomia Joint ticket of Northern League, an autonomous right-wing Northern Italian party, led by former Reform Minister Umberto Bossi, and Movement for Autonomy, a Southern Italy-based, centrist minor party led by Raffaele Lombardo.

Nuova DC-Nuovo PSI Joint ticket of Christian Democracy for the Autonomies (sometimes New DC), a centrist minor party led by Gianfranco Rotondi, and Socialist Party New PSI, a minor socialist party led by Gianni De Michelis.

Alternativa Sociale Confederation of far right and fascist movements, led by Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of the former dictator of Italy.

Fiamma Tricolore Small neo-fascist party led by Luca Romagnoli, a MEP elected in 2004 for Social Alternative.

Riformatori Liberali Small libertarian movement, born as split of the Italian Radicals and led by Benedetto Della Vedova. It is closely associated to Forza Italia.

No Euro Negligible eurosceptic movement led by Renzo Rabellino.

The Union

L'Ulivo Confederation of three national parties: Democrats of the Left, the major social-democratic part of Italy, led by Piero Fassino; The Daisy, centre-left party led by Francesco Rutelli; and the MRE, a minor centre-left party led by Luciana Sbarbati. The coalition is present only in the Chamber of Deputies, whereas the single parties will present their own symbols for the Senate.

Rifondazione Comunista, PRC Reformed communist party led by Fausto Bertinotti.

Rosa nel Pugno Liberal and libertarian movement, composed by the Italian Democratic Socialists of Enrico Boselli and the Italian Radicals of Daniele Capezzone.

Comunisti Italiani, PdCI Euro-communist party led by Oliviero Diliberto. It is part of a joint ticket with the Greens and the Consumers' List for the Senate.

Federazione dei Verdi, Verdi Green party led by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio. It is part of a joint ticket with the Party of Italian Communists and the Consumers' List for the Senate.

Italia dei Valori Moderate centre-left movement led by former magistrate Antonio Di Pietro.

Popolari-UDEUR Small centrist party led by Clemente Mastella.

I Socialisti Small socialist party, born in January 2006 as split of the NPSI, and led by Bobo Craxi, son of the late Bettino.

Partito dei Pensionati Small single issue party for the defence of retirement plans, led by MEP Carlo Fatuzzo. It was allied with the House of Freedoms in 2001.

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