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Microsoft ser på fremtiden

Microsoft stands astride the computing world much as another corporate giant, I.B.M., once did. Now its task is to avoid repeating I.B.M.'s mistakes.

As the PC era wanes and the Internet era gathers force, Microsoft's revenues have never been higher and its quarterly profits remain in the billions. But it has yet to find profitability in an array of businesses that it has entered beyond those it has dominated, operating systems and office applications.

Finding the company's way in the new era will largely fall to the successors to Bill Gates, who announced on Thursday that he would leave his day-to-day role at Microsoft in two years. But in an interview on Friday in his office on the Microsoft campus, Mr. Gates said he was confident that the company was positioning itself for success in its fourth decade and beyond. (New York Times)

"It is clear to me that Gates lost touch with the core of the company several years ago, as evidenced by the collapse of the Longhorn project and the abyss the Windows group fell into," said Michael A. Cusumano, a management professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "so this announcement is really just recognizing what already exists — his mind is elsewhere."

On Friday, Mr. Gates acknowledged that he was not following Vista on a daily basis. That job belongs to another executive, Jim Allchin, who has announced that he will leave once the troubled program is shipped successfully.

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