David Frum on Ron Paul

Mr. David Frum gave an analysis of the USA after Bush at a meeting in downtown Oslo hosted by Norwegian think tank Civita Thursday morning.

When asked about the candidacy of Ron Paul, Mr. Frum first briefly explained to the audience who Ron Paul is, telling them he is a Republican Congressman from Texas who ran for President in 1988 for the Libertarian Party, and who now is a contestant for the Republican nomination.

There was no ridicule on Mr. Frum’s part, although members of the audience did laugh when he told them that Dr. Paul wanted to do away with the Federal Reserve and revert to the gold standard.

Mr. Frum told the audience that Ron Paul was “not showing” on the polls, but is doing well financially. Frum further said that Paul could have a significant impact if he decides to run as an independent candidate. He would create problems for the Democratic party, taking votes from them. While not being a man of the left, Dr. Paul could, due to war opposition on the left, draw votes that otherwise would have gone to the Democratic nominee.

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