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Economics and Time

Time is an unexplored frontier of economics, with a lot left to be done.
How long does it take for events to play out?

I am not satisfied with the answer "it can not be predicted".

We know a number of time variables:
- A generation is about 30 years, does that mean that the market "remembers and forgets" in 30 year cycles?
- People change jobs every, 3-4-6-7 years (whatever) does that mean that there is a cycle here? Every 7+7 years pretty much everyone will be in a new job. Is this number of years a coincidence, or is this a way to cover ones back in business?
- A litigation process takes 2-5+ years from start to finish, what does that mean for business?
- A product development cycle (for cars, electronics etc) is 12-36 months. What does that mean for business?
- Corporate books are presented and closed every spring.
Why are we not doing multi year accounting?
- People delay pain (losses), can we say that people will delay pain and thus infere that most banks will not take on the current losses on the 2007 books but delay them til 2008, beeing fully visible in the books spring 2009?

There are patterns here, there are predictable patterns as to time and economics. But I have not found anyone who has written well about it with focus on time.

Who has written well about these matters? Who will?

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