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Feel free to comment or ask any questions you might have on the Farmann Forum, I will answer all relevant comments and questions.

Farmann.no is published from Oslo Norway in a mix of English and Norwegian. Edited by two LewRockwell.com columnists; Hans Lysglimt and Jørn K. Baltzersen, we offer a contrarian Austrian Economics perspective from a cold country that happens to be rich from oil.

Farmann is built on the legacy of the Farmand magazine published in Norway from 1891 to 1989. Farmand was unique, labels like libertarian, Austrian Economics, individualist is close but does not do it full justice. You can read up on Farmand on our Farmand legacy website at www.farmand.com.
You will like to hear that Ludvig von Mises was a regular columnist in Farmand through the 30-ties, 40-ties and 50-ties. Farmand was a magazine of profound importance that we are proud of.

We will increasingly direct Farmann towards our international audience so do check back.

Hans Lysglimt
Publisher and editor
Economist, Lund University, Sweden. Former leader of the libertarian quasi-party FRIdemokratene.
Author of "What Do You Want To Do With Your Life", life planning book.

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