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Message From Ron Paul

December 3, 2007
By: Ron Paul - To the Ron Paul mailing list

Want to know a secret? There were two moments I especially enjoyed at
the CNN/YouTube debate -- despite my frustration at some of the
questions, and the maldistribution of time.

First, I was pleased at John McCain's attack, which he clearly had
planned. Not because that sort of stream-of-consciousness nonsense about
Hitler and WWII -- when the neocons openly want what they call WW IV! Are
we to forget that the first war crime charged at Nuremberg was waging
aggressive war?

I mean this: mainstream politicians NEVER attack an opponent they think
is far behind. The McCain campaign, we've heard, is worried sick about
New Hampshire, and they thought a slam at me would help. Ha! Of
it only strengthened our forces.

Then, after the debate, Rudy Giuliani walked up to me and said, "Oooh,
you sure have a LOT of supporters." It's only the beginning, I told

Indeed, he could have told that by the crowd outside after the debate.
Mitt Romney had a few people, but no one else did. We, on the other
hand, had about 500 enthusiastic revolutionaries, plus a boat, a trolley,
and two planes towing lighted signs. As I looked out at the crowd, I
thought: the establishment has no idea of what they are facing. We have
an army of freedom, prosperity, and peace. As the LA Times political
blog noted the other day, the
British also thought they had no problem with the Americans--until

But we have an astoundingly short time before the first contests. The
Iowa caucuses are on January 3, the New Hampshire primary is on January
8, and Nevada and South Carolina are both on January 19. We have only
30 days to stake our claim to the nomination, and to the new America
that restores the ideals of the founders, and leads the world through
free enterprise, a sound dollar, the rule of law, and peaceful example.
Not through
inflation and bombs.

Help me surprise the neocons and all the establishment with our
success. Help me build the foundation for the America we all want. Send your
most generous contribution:� https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate.� The
military-industrial complex, the biased media, the big banks, the Fed,
the waterboarders, and the IRS don't like what we're doing. But every
good American is applauding us, and daring to hope for a better future.

Please, help me give it to them, to us, to all Americans to come. Keep
this revolution growing and winning:�



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