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Shorting the market

Well, I hope you have followed my advice and shorted the market yesterday as I have adviced.


It's not to late today, but you want to hurry.
This market is heading south big time.

I have been surprised by the strength of the bullrun leading up to December 11.
The FED did lower the interest rate by 0.25% as predicted.
However, I have been surprised by the markets rally up towards that.
I have also been surprised by the FEDs coordinated efforts with European central banks on December 12.

The put option I have reccomended could be had at SEK 20.50. I think that was a good price. If the market drops 3-4% in the next 44 days you are in the money, it will.
I like the April contract even better at SEK 56.
For safety you would buy the January 09 contract at 92.25.

Now we will see how the market goes.

There is really only one way from here, and that is down.
The question is how fast.

The collapse started today December 13.

You read it here first.

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