Farmann – Market comments Monday January 14, 2008

Today is bullish. Hang on, sit tight on cash. Don’t buy into it.

Wow gold broke USD 900 and is now trading at 906. Your mining share will do very well when New York opens thank you very much, well done everyone.
Hold on to your mining shares, next target for gold is USD 1000 and this can go very very fast as everyone now sees the inevitable.
Owning gold and those mining shares is great, it keeps you calm through the madness.
The sane thing to do now is to just hold on to gold.

We now recommend selling your shorting positions on a downturn.
Either today or this week on a bearish day.
Take the profits.
Then sit in cash.
This strategy has been extremely good to us, it can be done again.
There are still optimists in the market.

Here is how:

Reenter into new short position shorting the OMX30 THE DAY AFTER THE FED CUTS RATES.
The FED will lower rates on the meeting January 30/31.
But they might also cut them before that. That will be a bull day, and the next day will be a bull day.
You do not want to be in short positions the day the FED cuts rates, and they will.
Buy new put index options the day after the FED cut.
Buy them for April 2008 put or January 2009 put.
For peace of mind buy January 2009.

Then hold on to them to maturity. This year will be very bad.

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