You vs Ben Bernanke

It’s going to be a stare down.
Of course the stock market is going down.
But, Ben Bernanke blinked.
So he got this rally.
A rally at an enormous cost for future US taxpayers.
Erosion of confidence in the US.
Detoriation of the US dollar.
Massive inflation.
Americas children will pay the price, if only they knew.
But Wall Street, sees a rally. Ben did get that. Congratulations.
Ben, we say you bought yourself a week, ten days at most.
Before Super Duper Tuesday the US market will be griped by fear.
We are undeterred.
So should YOU be dear reader.
Keep your short positions, ride this one out.
If you have listened to us you are now buying short contracts for April and January 2009.
They will see a small dip from the rally now.
The rally will be short.
And the market could be griped by panic at any time.
Panic is like being pregnant.
We have seen panic in India, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid… it will reach Wall Street soon enough.
Then there might be a rally through Tuesday 29 / Wednesday 30, when Ben Big lower the rate again.
But after that my dear reader.
From Thursday next week.
From Thursday January 31.
There will be no one there to catch the markets free fall.
The market will be starring it’s destiny in the eyes.

Sit tight.

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