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Shorting the market - Congratulations on your 400%!

This has gone faster than we expected.
Today Stockholm fell 3,42%.
Our OMX30 1100 Jan put option bought at SEK 20.25 today hit SEK 81 and we sold off.
We were going to sell all, but we actually only sold about half our possitions.
We belive the market will fall more so we keep some.

Yet, our recommendation was and is to sell at SEK 81.

That is 400% back, a solid 300% profit to all the people who have followed our advice.
We must congratulate you.

It is still not to late.
There will be some reaction upwards again, and greed will come back, it is not gone for good.
Wait with buying new put possitions until greed hits the market.
Today fear is on the street.

Again, let us congratulate ourselves with 400% back, four times our money, since December 12.

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