Fort Lauderdale it is

Ok, come November 2008 Ving and StarTour will commence weekly nonstop charter flights return Oslo – Fort Lauderdale.

Florida is back, thats what they say.

We love it!

The thing to do then, is to buy a Fort Lauderdale condo. Aiming to hit the bottom sometime 2009/2010.
The USD might well fall further towards NOK 5 and maybe even towards NOK 4 by 2009.
Florida condos are already down by 20+% and the real panic frefall has not even begun yet. We expect the Florida condo market could fall by 40-50%+ from the 2006 peak before this is over.

As a Norwegian, effective, you will be paying 30-40% of what you would have paid at the top of the market, or 60-70% discount. With a 30 year USD mortgage you can discount another 30-50% on the real price. This is getting extremely attractive.

If you follow Farmann’s advice and sell all shares, short the market, buy some gold.
Then you will be set for an extremely attractive reentry into a Florida condo.
You will want to buy one that is easy to rent out.
You will be amazed at what you can get for USD 200-500 000 in a year or two.
Put down 10-30% equity and take out a 30 year mortgage in USD on the rest.
Paying down that with depreciating dollars will be a breeze.

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