Index Trading Free For All

Today Norways Dagens Næringsliv is trying to arrest strategist Peter Hermandrud of FIRST Securities for buying into a bear fund while publishing negative analysis on the market.

We applaud Hermanrud for speaking his true mind – the market is going down.

And, please listen – we apply this in Farmann as well;
As a general rule, anyone in a position of influence should be careful about mixing their own interests on the market with their public comments.
This is especially true for individual shares.

This does  NOT apply for the broad market indexes.  The broad index is a free for all to trade for everyone as they see fit.
A few people might be able to move the broad index:
Warren Buffet
Ben Bernanke
Alan Greenspan
OPEC People

We’ll just have to live with that.

But as a general rule of thumb. ANYONE is FREE to trade all the broad indexes and all commodities as they see fit without having a problem with mixing their own personal interests with their public statements.


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