Going to Asia?

Investment guru Jim Rogers is heading to Asia – Singapore.

My comment:
There are several things one should consider before moving to Asia.
I did it in 97/98, to the Philippines, went all over – came back.

1) If you have strong political or ideological convictions – forget it. I was told to shut up or be at personal risk. So you mute yourself, and that will get to your soul. Western free speech, in law and in practice has great value.

2) Asia is way way more boom and crash prone than the western world. We/I got hit by the 97 crash in Asia. It was dramatic. It did not really affect us severely directly, but I saw what happened to others. If you decide to spend the next 10-20 years in Asia, be prepared for serious busts. Jim has the cash to profit from that, do you?

3) Asia, for the most part is awful, terrible. Singapore is a shining gem. The rest of Asia is a overpopulated, poluted, traffic clogged, mosquito infested (I got the dengue fever…) hole. There are a few exceptions, you see them on the post cards, but chances are that you’ll end up in such a bad place, that’s where the boom is.

4) Your social life will be the ex-pat crowd. That is nice for a while, amazing people. But you’ll get tired of it soon. Begin today by visiting the expat crowd in your own town. Try having a meaningful conversation with an engineer sporting a thick Norwegian/German accent, then a wide eyed Frenchman, then the backwards Lithuanian ambassador – it will give you a big big headache.

5) Your life will center around the big multinational you work for. That will kill your spirit. The people you meet, your future spouse?, will be the same. If you are into marrying a local woman – be my guest, not for me.

6) The people who actually go develop a restlessness they never get rid of. Like as if no place is home, anywhere is just temporary for a few years right now.

Been there, done that – bought the t-shirt.

My 5 cent.

The grass always look greener on the other side, is seldom actually is.

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