Again; The worst… still ahead

Here at Farmann we are bears.
We see trouble mounting left and right.
The FED bailout is not a real fix, it is a dad bailing for his teenage sons reckless credit card debt.
The father has saved face, the credit card companies has a bail, but the son has not learned the lesson.
So are things really better?
Our guess is that the reckless son will run into even bigger trouble, before long.

Who needs the opera?
This financial spectacle, now of biblical proportions, is free for the viewing.
Every morning we look for panic, not today? well… it will be here soon enough.
Sit back and watch.
These are interesting times indeed.

To confirm our sanity towards ourselves, and to you dear reader we give you another bears bearish outlook.
Dan Amoss at Whiskey and Gunpowder.

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