Irland sier NEI! – Farmann sier Hurra!

Irland sier nei til Lisboa traktaten.
De maktkåte politikere i Brussel kommer til å prøve seg igjen, men dette er for dem et skudd for baugen.
En stor takk og gratulerer til det Irske folk.

Marian Tupy, policy analyst with Cato’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, comments: “The Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is welcome news. It shows that further centralization of power in Brussels has limited support among the people of Europe. Over the years, Brussels has grown increasingly powerful, but also more corrupt and unaccountable. The European political elites, which have almost succeeded in getting the Lisbon Treaty adopted without national referenda, are openly contemptuous of the democratic process and preferences of the people of Europe. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Irish, like the Dutch and French before them, said ‘No.'”

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