Smoke And Mirrors In The Pension System

Aug 28. Hans Lysglimt
It is all a big big scam. We are getting more and more sure by the day that this will all end in tears. Credit expansion by fiat money. The whole western world has been living under an illusion that there is more money and wealth than there actually is.
If the public mind should come to understand this the whole shebang would come crashing down in an instant. That is why government has dealt it necessary to control the education system, the media, the political process etc.

Things are not what they seem.

This weekend we spoke to a gentleman deeply involved with the Swedish pension system. We thought it interesting to inquire about their long term planning. “The math does not add up” we said “It does he countered”.  Let us look at the assumptions we continued.
And there it was. I was stunned to hear this.
The Swedish pension system is totally built around the assumption that the Swedish National Banks “Sveriges Riksbank” inflation target of 2% on average will hold over time. We are talking a long time, that it will hold for 10-20-30-40-50+ years.
I asked him, “do you even question the inflation target? that it might break down and fall?”. He said “no, that is never an issue, it will hold”.
I can promise you, all readers, that this inflation target of 2% will NOT hold for another 50 years. No way. It will be broken big time, and they will find various interesting ways to do it.
If I am proven wrong I will give you your subsription money for your Farmann subscription back, with is free for the time beeing anyway.
So the whole mathematichal excerise is built on clay feet. The make the math add up by assuing things that won’t hold. But for the current government, and current politicians it looks good “we have things under control”. They don’t.
I am sure the pensionaires will get their pensions. They will get the money they are entitleled to. But this money will not buy what they expect it to. Average inflation over the next 50 years in Sweden and the west will be way way way over 2%. It is a scam, nothing less.

The problem is that people buy into this scam. So they do not save real money as they should. They are lured into beliveing that they have much more savings in the system than they do. And then the inflationist steal away of this money every year for the next 50 years in a way that is not noticed year by year.
It is a big big scam.

Oslo, Norway. Aug 28. Hans Lysglimt

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