The Year 2120 And Beyond

Aug 29. Hans Lysglimt
Today’smodern democracies are scams, nothing less. The idea might be appealing, and to some extent the manifestations have been good. But over the years it has been corrupted. It is increasingly likely that in our time we will witness the breakdown of this model to rig the world. Like the Roman empire it is the corruption of finance that will eventually bring it down.

A 18 year old who starts working today, and paying taxes are told that he is building up and entitlement to pensions he will start receiving sometime around when he is 65. That is 47 years from now, in 2055! He might live til he is 100 years, and therefore expects to receive benefits until 2108 and possibly beyond. Some people born in 1990, like him, will live to be 120 and die in 2120 (gasp!).
Someone born today implicitly is expected to be able to receive generous benefits in 2128, they won’t.

Way way way before 2120 and before 2055 for that matter the financial entitlement scam of today will collapse on itself. The whole system will have to be redefined and re rigged at great cost, much fighting, massive corruption, massive injustice and tears, rivers of tears. This is as close to certain as things can be. The fact that current governments keep insisting that it will work is nothing less than a swindle and a massive scandal on an unprecedented scale. The forced taxes of today are crowding out the savings these people would otherwise have made leaving them fully at the mercy of whoever corrupt politicians are in charge when the system collapses and is rebuilt whether that is 20-30-40 or more years from now.

The scam has been institutionalized in ever more refined ways. The central banks, the statistics bureaus, the departments of finance, the politicians, the auditors, the treasury, the media are all in on the same scam. It is supposed to be run in a democratic system, in a democracy. That is the justification. But the democracy is not real, it is only the resemblance of democracy. The political system is rigged by the political class.

The major difference in our age is that the truth is actually out there, on the internet. The fact that you are reading this now is proof that the truth is told, for free accessible for anyone. Eventually the truth will prevail, and the collapse of the system will be brought on by awareness. It is therefore out obligation to spread this message as widely as possible to that the system will be reorganized as soon as possible.

But the politicians and special interest groups will fight this. There are endless groups of people who benefit from the illusion, scam and swindle that is going on. They will want to go on as ususal for as long as possible.

This all leads me to predict that the all empowered democratic governments of the west will need to tighten its grip on society considerably in the years to come. The scam is fast reaching a point where it is no longer possible to keep up, and as people realize this the truth about it all will have to be suppressed. In the west we can most clearly see this happening in the USA. The police state there is tightening its grip by the day. Any casual visitor to the USA immediately sees this in immigration, in armed police in the streets. But what is seen in only the tip of the iceberg, 90% is done out of sight. The government of the USA is loosing control, and it is responding to this with force. It is responding by a massive tightening of the grip. The tendency towards tightening by force is wide clear, but it has yet to play out. The crisis will get much worse, the loss of control will become much more apparent, and the response will be use of more force for ever more tightening of control. Eventually there will be collapse, in one form or another. When will this be? Impossible to say. Tomorrow, 10 years, 20 years, or more? No one predicted the fall of the Soviet Empire until months before it happened, so it can happen very fast. I believe I will live to see it and I am confident that it will happen in the lifetime of someone born today.

Eventually information will have to be more tightly controlled by the government to keep the scam going. Freedom of speech will have to be cracked down on. This will not happen by formally cracking down on freedom of speech, as the scam and the illusion will have to be maintained. It will be cracked down on by controlling more and more aspects and manifestations of it. The anarchic internet as we know it today will be controlled into tightly controlled environments. Closed internet properties like AOL, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and closed email system are examples of what is to come. Where corporate censorship, corporate liability, political correctness and government surveillance controls and decides precicely what information gets through. A few years from now most of the internet will be contained into these kind of closed properties.

We are therefore in a golden age of free flow of information right now. The governments are tightening their grip, the internet is way more regulated now than it was 10 years ago. Who knows how long it will stay open, perhaps another 10-20 years. It is crucially important that the message gets out in this time frame.

Oslo, Norway. Aug 29. 2008. Hans Lysglimt

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