Sarah Palin – GOP Republican Convention

Aug 30. Hans Lysglimt
Tuesday next week marks the beginning of the Republican Convention. With Sarah Palin just in there will be huge interest and revival of the McCain candidacy. We personally now believe McCain might pull this off anyway and be the next president. Intrade says Obama 60% chance and McCain 40%.
The Republican Convention also marks the final end of the Ron Paul for President campaign.
The Ron Paul campaign ignited an awareness about liberty that I doubted I would ever see in my lifetime. In the winter of 2007/2008 Ron Paul was everywhere on the internet, to my utter amazement. We where part of it, we had to push it for what is was worth. And it paid off, the message reached millions and millions. The government scams where exposed in a once in a lifetime fashion. The legacy of the Ron Paul campaign will continue for years, but the sting of it will be over this next week.
We have said at before and we have to be reminded that we where terribly disappointed by Ron Paul suspending his campaign for president in March and then finally in June. It is not quite come il faut to criticize your own favorite candidate, so I seem to be the only one in the Ron Paul camp criticizing Ron for this decision, well so be it. Ron himself said he did it after careful deliberation, but he did not really say what these deliberations where all about. The truth is that his March announcement and the June announcement killed off the entire momentum of the campaign. If Ron himself had just keep quiet, shut up, the campaign would have carried on by his supporters until this weekend with massive momentum and zero cost. Had he just done nothing he would have gained tremendously. From his March video until now he would have reached ten times more people with a ten times stronger message by Ron just doing nothing. Lesson learned is to always consider doing nothing, doing nothing more than often the best alternative.
Some say he quit because he could not become president, well that was true from the very beginning. Some say he could use the money better in the Campaign for Liberty, well he could have done that move after the convention. In all we just have to conclude that suspending the campaign was a massive mistake, a massive PR mistake, a lost opportunity. Making such a huge mistake questions the judgment of the entire Ron Paul camp, yours truly included.
We did however accomplish a lot in the Ron Paul campaign, so let us celebrate this last splash in the sun with 10 000 Ron Paul supporters celebrating next week at the Rally For The Republic. I do hope the Ron Paul supporters steal as much attention as possible from the GOP media circus with some clever PR stunts. Good luck guys!

The GDP numbers that came in at 3.3% are not what they seem. It is export driven by a low dollar. It is not healthy wealth creation, and it is not sign that this is over. It is also driven by the last wave of people still not catching on to how severe the recession is. People still have credit on their credit cards and I am sure quite a few go shopping to please themselves offsetting the gloomy news in the media. This will end. The next GDP report will be much much less, maybe even negative.

A private conversation yesterday makes us see that the real estate situation down in Florida might be way worse than even we have thought. People are still holding on, but loosing spirit by the day. The place might be rather depressing for some time, how long does it take for an individual to recover from a financial depression anyway. You loose your life’s savings, how long does it take to get back on your feet? No body loves you, when you’re down and out.

Gold has rallied 8% from this bottom to the current USD 841. Quite an amazing run. At the same time the dollar has rallied 8-10% against major currencies.

Accumulate gold as it dips towards 800 again, carefully over time.
Sell the dollar at this rally.

If you are selling to consumers I recommend offering your customers special offers to rake in as much up front cash as possible now. Your customers will be cash stripped soon, get it in now. They will cancel order, order less, negotiate process, shop around. Things will change. Offer special bonuses for 3-5 year subscriptions, offer 3 for the price of 2 etc. Or why not 10 for the price of 5. To rake in the cash, and lock in the customer. Then cut cost in your own shop.

StatoilHydro has had a run from the bottom of NOK 150 to now NOK 165. This is about the rally in the USD towards the krone. Oil has gone up as well. We are still on hold, but there might be a time to buy StatoilHydro.

Enjoy summer!

Oslo, Norway. Aug 30. 2008. Hans Lysglimt

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