Focus On The Quality Of Your Life

Sept 2. Hans Lysglimt
We have entered into a different era. Since the Reagan initiated boom in 1980 the trend have been falling interest rates and massive capital appreciation. For the rest of our lifetime the opposite is more likely to be true. So focus less on the kind of capital gain windfall that was the mo of the last generation, this time will be different. It will be more about making money every year.

The way to reach above market level returns is to blend your own work into your investment. To reach above market returns you preferably need a sustainable competitive advantage. But remember, YOU, that is the physical you, is a sustainable competitive advantage it itself. Just the fact that you are alive today in 2008, with your knowledge and network is a dent in a otherwise perfectly smooth market curve. What you make of it is up to you.

Ultimately what matters is not the money we make but the quality of our lives. The hardest question of all is what to make of our lives. My book “What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?” is about that question. You can download it for free here

Essential right now will be to decouple from the rat race. In the boom everyone tried to get ahead with a nicer car, a nicer home, more expensive suits, more expensive vacations. Keeping up with the Jones’es. But on a relative level this is a zero sum game, everyone can not get ahead of everyone else. A good way to deal with it is to just decouple from it. Personally we still drive our 1994 model car, we bought that car 10 years ago in 1998. Could we have bought a new car in the boom? Yes. For no money down? Yes. A really really nice car? Yes. Did we buy that car? No.
We made the analysis that we did not need a new car and waited. We did not get ahead in the new car rat race, but felt no need to do so either. Saving ourselves a lot of running in the rat racer spinning wheel. Decouple.

Preserve capital. Spend money carefully on imporving the quality of you life.

Gold fell to USD 809 last night, careful accumulation is the way to go again.
Oil falls back, we wait and see.

Friday is bank-failure day. This will be true for the next year or so. Friday. Do not have more than USD 100 000 in any one bank.

Think hard about a 8 year McCain presidency, or a 8 year Obama presidency. First 4 years are comming to an end in 2012. September 12, 2012, where are you then? How do you feel? Feel your body, your breath, look at your hands? You will for sure sit in a sofa in August 2012 and watch the opening seremony of the London Olympics. Who are you then? Who have you become?

Watch Ron Paul’s Rally For The Republic on Cspan all day today Tuesday, read more here.

Oslo, Norway. Sept. 2 2008 Hans Lysglimt

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