McCain – Obama, Dead Even Now

Sept 11. 2008

On McCain has now caugth with Obama and was even briefly trading higher at 51% against 48%. So the tide has turned for Obama. Our bet is that McCain will actually pull this off now and win, to the amazement of the liberals and most people in Europe. Fear is setting in accross the board, and McCain thrives with fear.

Ron Paul announced his drive to have everyone in the US drop both McCain and Obama and vote for a third party candidate, any third party candidate. We support Ron Pauls effort, even though the impact will be minimal as Ron himself has defined himself out of any relevancy by suspending the camapaign for Presidency.

The honourable thing for Ron Paul to have done would have been to stand the Presidential race to the bitter end on November 5, notmatter what. Just stand tall through it all.
This is a very important lesson to learn for anyone wanting to send a message later, stand tall – and stand through it. We love the old doctor, his message and what he has done over the years. It thus saddens us even more how clumsy this opportunity was handeled.

Gold is now down to USD 751. Wow, that is over 25% down from the peak. We repeat that we at Farmann still belive gold will fall further. Our advice is to NOT BUY GOLD.
If you hold zero or close to zero gold we do however advice to start accumulating a few dozen 1 Oz coins now for your familys protection, this is a totally different matter.
I hope everyone by now sees the difference between the two.

Massive inflation from the FED will however set in in the not to distand future, the whole point is to watch this carefully and aim for a sweet spot to get into gold again. After the current recession lead sell off, but before the next inflationary period. This will require carefull attention.

We bought a new Vista laptop last winter. We have barely used it, Vista stinks big big time.
It seems everything we know from using Windows for 17+ years is wasted and will have to be re learned.
In August, just after the Olympics, we also just bought a new flat LCD TV, a Samsung we plan to use that laptop as a multimedia machine for the TV. The Vista machine has been gathering dust all summer.
Today we decided to spend some money to upgrade two old XP machines we have in our office. We called Dell and ordered the best memory possible, we got a new screen for the laptop on the warranty and we ordered a new battery.
Our advice is to not buy a new PC with Vista. Make an effort to upgrade your current XP machines istead.
Get 1,2 or 3 more years out of your current hardware and keep looking for better options than Vista going forward after that.

Upgrade options are plenty:
– More new memory, this has gotten real cheap.
– Change spare parts.
– A new screen.
– Put in an extra hard disk.
– Buy a 4 GB solid state memory stick and take backup of critical files to it.
– Defragment your hard drives.
– Move files over to a new harddisk.
– Use more than one machine, and switch tasks between machines.

Ok, to sum things up:
– Do not buy into gold yet.
Perpare to buy at some point in the future.
– Do not buy silver.
– Sell shares.
– Sell real estate.
– Sell that second home if you can.
– Do not buy a new car.
– Preserve cash.
– Lower your spending.
– Do not buy a new Vista computer.
Upgrade your XP machine instead.
– Keep your job.
– Stay in cash.

Oslo, Norway. Sept 11. 2008. Hans Lysglimt

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