Stay With XP – Upgrade Hardware – Do Not Install Plugins

We use computers extensively. We are geeks, but not really that into all the operating systems etc.
We use Windows, mainly because we have long experience with it.

These are our advice right now:
– Do not upgrade to Vista.
– Do not buy a new computer with Vista.
Find one that still sells with XP, used if needed.
– Upgrade your current computers running XP.
New maximum memory.
New hard disk, backup critical data.
Swipe and clean, also on the inside.
Your upgraded XP machine should last 2-3-4 more years when there will be better alternatives.
– Generally do not install plug ins and new software.
You should have a very very good reason for upgrading.
Just because Microsoft, Firefox, Adobe or some software company wants you to is not a good enough reason. Even if they claim it is for safety reasons be very skeptical, generally refuse to upgrade.

We just tired the new Google Gears, it used up 95% of our CPU and froze our computer.
For you effectiveness and sanity stay with tried and tested old software.

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