Bailout Times

Sept. 23 2008 Hans Lysglimt

Interest rates on 10 year bonds have soared from 3.2% til 3.8%. So our advice of just staying in diversified cash turns out to have been the right one. We have advised cash for now, to preserve value, it turns out bonds is more of speculation in the current environment.

It is now apparent that the bears, the doom sayers, the Doug Casey, Bill Bonner, Gary North, John Mauldin have been right all along. The US economy was built on debt and when the debt stops flowing it would all come crashing down.
So they were right all along.
Would people please wake up and realize that they are most likely right on other analysis and predictions as well?
Dough Casey predicts a new terrorist attack on US soil and that on this attack “they” (the neocon madmen that is) will “lock this place down like Israel”, a true police state. It will more than likely happen, and it will happen fast once it gets going. A nuclear bomb in Manhattan and the US is like Israel overnight.

If you are not yet a regular reader of these gentlemen I suggest you become one.

It also becomes apparent that the central bank fiat money system is a gigantic scam. Money is just, fake promises, it is paper, it is nothing, it is a lie.
And this lie has to be managed. More lies and more cover up lies in a never ending circle.
Increasingly the lying becomes more and more difficult.
It will eventually all come crashing down.

While one is strong one can do as the US government is doing now.
One can develop a hardening of attitudes. And a hardening of ones posture.

Right now the US government is aiming to straighten up the entire world.
To have everyone walk in line.
To manage it all.

That is their philosophical approach, that they can, will and shall control everything.
It is insane. It is 100% against the Tao.

They “manage” the money supply.
So they “manage” you income.
They “manage” your cost level.
They “manage” the value of your savings.

They “manage” every part of your life.
Do you really trust anyone to do all this managing of your life?

For you and I it is now time to prepare for disaster.
They do not have control of this.

The markets might very well crash.
I am not so afraid of the crash, as it is needed.
I am much more afraid of their response to it.
There is no telling what they might do anymore, absolutely no telling.
They can and will do anything to keep things calm and “nice” on the surface.

“Nice” is the defining word for the current politically correct American society.

Things are to be kept “nice”, even at the barrel of a nuclear gun.

For you I suggest you start preparing for massive changes. When this thing comes crashing down, when the lying comes to an end there will be massive change. The kind of change we have not seen in the Western world since WWII and the aftermath of WWII.
We can not tell exactly how it will look, but the change will be scattering.

Prepare, practically but most of all mentally.

Gran Canaria, Spain. September 23. 2008 Hans Lysglimt

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