Lying Demands More Lying

Sept 26. 2008

The fiat money system is a lie. And continued lying requires more lying. This is the short and sweet of the bailout plan. It will come about, they do not really have a way out.
I would like to see it dropped, as a principle. But then again, I would like to see it dropped as a part of a greater abandonment of the current political structure.
The whole thing is so screwed up it is hard to know where to start or stop.

Oil is going at USD 104, this is significant. Is an Israeli attack imminent? Have the folks at Goldman been warned and cornered the futures market? It could happen.
Gold at USD 884, most likely on it’s way down.
Interesting that the current political panic has not rallied gold more.

Finance will scale back in the years to come.
The low interest rate put money on the top of everyone head, before culture, music, art, geopolitics and everything else. At 1% capitalization rates money was AB and C.
The Financial Times replaced The Times of London as if financial news WAS the news.
Now that interest rates will go back towards 10% we will see a reversal.
People were not as rich as they thought they were after all.
People will again start to read, to tend to their garden, the little things in life.
The truly rich will go on, but the imagined rich will stop dining at the Ritz and flying first class.
The Times of London will come back with a vengeance.

I will upload some more videos from Gran Canaria over the weekend.
Check the farmanntv YouTube channel.

We picked up an issue of Forbes Magazine in Spain. What a tragedy that magazine has become. It felt totally misplaced, as from a different age. It rode the American money printing press all the way but to me it now felt like the icon of a failed environment. A failed policy. A failed belief in American superiority and optimism built on fake money. The implication of this will take some time to sink in on us, we belive it is a precursor of what’s to come on a broader level. We used to love Forbes, but this was pathetic. The Forbes’es were smart to sell it probably while the going was good. There was some female anayst in the back we have never seen before upholding her recommendation from March to buy Fannie May at USD 35, nuff said about Forbes Magazine – it is gone, oblitirated, irrelevant, of the past.

Oslo, Norway. Sept. 26 2008 Hans Lysglimt

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