Blood In The Streets – Prepare Carefull Buying

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Blood is now in the streets. That is allways a buying opportunity.
Some shares are reaching all time lows. One should consider buying at all time low.

We have carefully bought one paper today.
We do not recommend buying it, in general, for most investors. Maybe for some.
But we have stayed in cash now for more than a year and have since been looking for true bargains.
True bragainst are now appearing.
We sold everything at peak in 2007.
And we intend ro reenter with some at rock bottom firesale prices in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

We have bought some Vostok Gas today at SEK 113,5 over the Swedish stock exchange.
This is a holding company for Russian oil and gas.

The stock is hammered by:
Falling oil price.
Falling stock markets world wide.
Moscow stock exchange beeing closed.
Political risk in Russia.
And much more.

The question is how much worse can it get?
Sure it can get worse, but a lot has been priced in.

On the wildcard that the US or Israel attacs Iran and oil goes to USD 400 this share will rocket.

The way we see it we are buying underlying assets in oil at a dime for a dollar.
That is when we think things are getting interesting.
The share fell 20% today and is trading at it’s lowest in years today, that trigered our interest.
Perhaps the share will fall more, but we know we have gotten a lot for a little – we allways like that.
We can wait this one out.

As allways:

Do not panic.
Stay mainly in cash, there will be plenty of opportunities.
Diversify your cash holdings.
Diversify currency of cash holdings.
Diversify the banks and where you hold your assets.
Look for true bargains, really true bargains, buy a dollar for a nickle, a dime or penny – no more.

Invest mainly in yourself, that is where you can have the best returns.

And remember: The best things in life are free.

Oslo, Norway. Oct. 10. 2008 Hans Lysglimt

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