Weak Black Friday Sales

Expect weak black Friday sales. This is not rocket science.

Pre markets in New York are down.
This will give a down day in New York, the first in a row of boom days, killing off the boom we have seen of late.
I expect the down push to accelerate as the first sales numbers come out early from East Coast shoppers. Panic might even set in again, or perhaps on Monday.
I also do not expect the US or Israel to launch an attac on Iran on Thanksgiving or Thanskgiving weekend.
Therefore we are shorting European markets today.
We expect to cover these shorts Monday afternoon, Europe time.
If New York premarkets or the market turns positive we will cover shorts.

– Updated 15.38 Europe time.
As the Dow ticked over in positive territory we covered our short with a loss on that trade.
As allways it is important to actually follow through on the strategy you set out with.
We still think this strong market is false, and will create a great shorting opportunity.

This weekend we will answer some of the great questions that have been raised in the Farmann Forum http://www.farmann.no/forum/

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