It’s A Buyers Market

It’s a buyers market now – for pretty much anything. Cash is King.
But, not all sellers have realized this, yet – they will in due time.
We see it easily on for hotel prices, in
Spain, Stockholm, Oslo they still quote the same prices as they did in the bubble years. They have not yet adjusted to the new reality. They still act as if it is the sellers market that it was in the boom years, it takes time to realize the new era and adjust accordingly. But, if you call around and ask around a bit you will now start to find sellers that have taken in the new reality, lowered their prices considerably to a new lower level.

My advice to you is to make a quick assessment when you deal with sellers going forward. It is binary right now. They either get it or they don’t, they have either taken it in, or not. They have either lowered their prices substantially or they have not – yet.
If they have yet to get it, just pass them by, just move on until you find someone who has taken it in and lowered prices.
This should save you good money.

Jan. 30 2009 Oslo, Norway. Hans Lysglimt

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