Gold breaks through USD 1 000

Gold just broke through the USD 1 000 barrier. In Farmann we have recommended you buy gold for years, we hope you have listened to our advice.

I do not think we will ever see gold below USD 1 000 again. This is a depression, and gold is one of the few secure ways to store value. The price of gold in worthless fiat paper money will soar.
If you have not yet bought gold, it is still not to late. Anything under USD 1200 is still a relatively good price.
Accumulate 1 oz coins over time, regardless of price.

Update at 14.30 Eastern Time
Well, after hitting USD 1007.2 today the market is reversing, as allways playing us a wild card again dropping gold down to USD 992.
What can we say other than this to be a great opportunity to get in below 1 000.
This might well be your last chance, a fork in the road, take it.

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